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10 Who Invented The Hoverboard? 2020 – [ Buyer’s Guide ]

Who Invented The Hoverboard 2020 –  Shane Chen invented the self-balancing hoverboard which was patented in 2014. Shane Chen has been an inventor most of his life and has been obsessed with keeping people in motion. Although he has yet to get rich off his invention other larger companies have been manufacturing knock-offs of his product.

Who Invented The Hoverboard? 2020

His patented hoverboard is known as the Hovertrax Whilst his invention has not been paying off for him other hoverboard manufacturers have already started re-inventing his hoverboard.

In December Chen decided to go a see some of the factories that were creating hoverboards from his design. The companies gave Chen a warm thank you for his imaginative design smugly in the comfort of knowing there was not much he could do about them manufacturing it.

The hoverboard was designed off another of Chen’s mobile device the Solowheel. The Slower did not get much attention as it looks like it is hard to balance and use.

If you are looking for a real hoverboard without wheels like that of Marty McFly in Back to Future. Then have a look at the board designed by Greg Henderson called the Hendo.

Armed with only a bit of technical knowledge and some help from various internet searches Greg built his first actual hoverboard. This hoverboard unlike that designed by Shane Chen has “hover engines” instead of wheels. His wife Jill helped him with his creation which was actually made to showcase their “magnetic field architecture technology”.

Whilst the real hoverboards works there are still quite a few kinks get ironed to conform to any safety standards. At the moment the board can only output power in life for around 10 minutes. It is allowed quite wobbly and needs the “copper substrate” that is beneath it to function.

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The Henderson’s are quietly confident that they will have a working model in a few years time.

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