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SWAGTRON Hoverboards Lets You Ride Like A Pro!

SWAGTRON Hoverboards: Hoverboards are 2-wheeled skateboard-like motorized means of transport that has a platform with pads for the rider to place their feet on and controlled by the way he or she balances their weight on it. They are powered by charging. The pads change direction when twisted and speed is regulated by the rider leaning forward or backward. Easy to control, the sensors respond to the movement of the body as you ride them.

SWAGTRON Hoverboards Lets You Ride Like A Pro!

They are definitely very futuristic, and a darling of not only kids and teenagers, but fun-loving people who appreciate the beauty of innovation. They are cool and definitely easier to balance and control than skateboards.

Swagtron is in the frontline in the production of certified and quality hoverboards that provide efficient and enhanced mobility, all being products of excellent engineering. There are options for kids, adults and they can be Bluetooth enabled and Off-road.

SWAGTRON Hoverboards Lets You Ride Like A Pro!

#01-CHO Electric Self Balancing Dual Motors Scooter Hoverboard with Built-in Speaker and LED Lights – UL2272 Certified

#02-NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard Electric Self Balancing Scooter Sidelights – UL2272 Certified Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White (Chrome Red)

#03-CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Hover Board Electric Scooter with Built in Speaker Smart Self Balancing Wheels


Bluetooth Hoverboards from Swagtron enable the rider to connect to their iOS and Android smartphones via companion APP and enjoy music while riding. They have speakers with refined sound quality. The smartphone enables you to check and adjust speeds, battery charge level and adjust the modes. These come can standard or advance modes. Standard enables to preset some functionalities like speed so that they enable even new users to be safe.

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Speeds range from 6.8mph to up to 12mph. The non-slippery pad allows total control of your Swagtronhoverboard maintaining stability and traction. This makes it appropriate for first timers and even veteran pro riders. Swagtron ensures safety is guaranteed at all levels and UL 2272 certified for hoverboard safety.

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Where To Buy

You can visit and get a glimpse of what is on offer including clearance items. Plus, you can check out the reviews, and sign up to receive discounts. Swagtron, ride like a pro!


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