Top Big Wheel Hoverboard (Review+Buying Guide)

Hoverboards are the great invention of the era. It has elegant features that make it very suitable to all. The Younger generation is quite crazy about. Today we explore the big wheel hoverboard that are gaining popularity among both kids and adults. In this blog, we explore the complete information about the big wheel Hoverboards.


Big wheel Hoverboard
Top 5 Big Wheel Hoverboards
Swagtron T-6
SISIGAD off-road Hoverboard
Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard
City Cruiser
Hyper GOGo Hoverboard
Advantages of big wheel hoverboard
Disadvantages of big wheel hoverboard
Final Thoughts


Big wheel Hoverboards are a more suitable version of Hoverboard. They are more compatible and durable. They have elegant features and enhance the personality of the rider due to their elegant features. Today, we explore the best big wheel hoverboards, also its advantages and disadvantages. So, don’t skip the blog.

Big wheel Hoverboard

Big wheel hoverboard means a Hoverboard with large wheels. Its wheels are large enough. Minimum diameter of wheels are 8 inches and maximum range about 10 inches. Big wheel Hoverboards allow its user to easily pass from all terrains like grassy, muddy, wet, rough and smooth. It also enables its rider to pass from inclines and slopes. These Hoverboards have also shock absorbent quality 

Top 5 Big Wheel Hoverboards

It is always a difficult decision for the parents to find the best Hoverboard for kids. There are a variety of choices present in the market. Moreover, we are here to help you to purchase the best Hoverboard for your kid. Different brands offer different authentic Hoverboards that are suitable for your kid. We will help you out with what is the best big wheel Hoverboard for your kid. Here are the top 5 Big Wheel Hoverboards:

  • Swagtron T-6
  • SISIGAD off-road Hoverboard
  • Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard
  • City Cruiser 
  • Hyper GOGo Hoverboard 

Swagtron T-6

Swagtron T-6 is the better version from other Swagtron Hoverboards. It has enhanced functions and performance. It is built-in with the format that it can easily pass from all terrains. It has big wheels that are 10 inches in diameter and help the rider to maintain balance on an unequal surface. The wheels are made of rubber material that is better than the hard ones.
It has a speed of 12 mph. It comes with a 35 watt dual motor. It has other elegant features like it can handle a weight of 420 lbs, presence of LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, speaker availability, suitable for all terrains etc. Bluetooth connectivity speaker enables the rider to listen to the music of his choice. Moreover, it gives a tough time to the road. Hence it is the overall best choice for you kid.


Here are its pros

  • It can handle heavyweight
  • Comfortable
  • Doesn’t break your budget
  • Enough speed 
  • Suitable on rough surfaces


  • Enough range
  • Not properly waterproof

Reason to like it

Swagtron T-6 is an amazing Hoverboard. I like it due to its nature of easily passing from all terrains. Moreover, it is always affordable.

SISIGAD off-road Hoverboard

SISIGAD off-road Hoverboard is an amazing Hoverboard because it resists the puncture and other wear and tear due to its high quality built in Material. This amazing Hoverboard helps you to pass from all types of surfaces. It is hard on the road but comfortable for riders.It comes with rubber tires that are more authentic than other materials. It consists of a 300 watt dual hub motor that works actively. It offers a great speed of 15 km per hour. It bears approximately 260 lbs weight. It offers Bluetooth connectivity as well as speakers that enable the rider to listen its favorite music. The battery is made of lithium ion. Moreover, the battery remains long. It also has LED lights that make the rider visible at night.


Following are the pros of SISIGAD off-road Hoverboard:

  • It has self-balancing technology
  • Availability of colorful and attractive LED lights
  • Long lasting battery 
  • Good quality built in Material


Here are it flaws:

  • Sometimes, mislead about the weight

Here is about the SISIGAD off-road Hoverboard that is very elegant and classy in nature. If you want to purchase a safe hoverboard then you must keep a look at it.

Reason to like it

The most attractive feature of its self-balancing technology and easy learning of its function. Moreover, the tires can pass over all the hurdles and resist the puncture. You can climb a maximum height of 30 degrees. That’s why I like it.

Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard

Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard is also one of the most vigilant and attractive hoverboards. It has availability of Quality speakers that enable the rider to listen to the music he likes. It is a very safe hoverboard. Moreover, you can ride on it on all terrains. It is properly covered by the plastic shell that protects the internal system from any type of harm. You can easily balance it in just seconds. Yes! It is the game of seconds to balance on it. And once you get balance you can easily roar on the road. It consists of 350 watt rechargeable batteries that help to ride for a long time. It comes with rubber tires and Bluetooth connectivity speaker that enables the rider to listen to the music of its choice.
It is the best option to give your kid as a gift. It is safe and has LEd lights and attractive colors that make riders super crazy about riding.


  • Consist of large rubber tires
  • High quality motor
  • More stable


Here its flaws:

  • Battery life is not so long as compared to others.

Reason to like it

The reason to like it is its stability and easy balance facility. Moreover, it is the best choice for kids.

City Cruiser Hoverboard

A new device on the market that has elegant and vigilant features. The battery system is Wonderful. The system automatically reduces the speed of hoverboard when battery level reaches to 10%. It helps to prevent quick battery drainage and sudden off the device. The self-balancing scooters have dual motors that are rechargeable. Device can reach about 7.4 mph speed and easily cover the maximum distance of 9 miles.
It has different attractive colors that attract the customer just at a glance. It is the best choice to give as a gift to your kids and family. The new rider can easily ride on it. It is safe for use. It has LED lights that make you visible at night. Moreover, its price doesn’t break your budget and it also enables you to ride on 30 degree inclines and other hurdles.
Hence, overall it is the best choice.


Here are its pros:

  • Nice choice for kids
  • It is easy to handle
  • Comes in attractive designs
  • Built-in high quality material
  • Strong


  • Limited weight capacity

Reason to like it

Various reasons to like it; Bluetooth connectivity, led lights, UL Certificate of safety and speaker availability etc.

Hyper GOGo Hoverboard

Hyper GOGo Hoverboard is safe to use and moreover it reduces the fear of breakage. It handles about 264 pounds of weight for a rider, which is awesome. Riders can easily ride on it. You can easily maintain grip on the foot pads. It has a large wheel diameter about 8.5 inches that enables you to pass from hurdles and inclines easily.
Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard can easily pass from any type of surface such as muddy area, grassy, wet, rough, smooth and inclines etc. The Hoverboard has the availability of Bluetooth speakers. It has LED lights that attract your kid and is also visible at night.


  • Fast self-balancing scooters
  • It is portable and durable
  • It is 100% safe
  • It can handle heavy weight of rider


  • Manual for English user is not available
  • Disturb on some terrains

Reason to like it

It has a variety of designs and is available for all kids. It is safe for use.

Advantages of big wheel hoverboard 

Following are advantages of big wheel hoverboard:

  • Don’t need to worry about weight because almost all the big wheel hoverboards are able to handle minimum 256 lbs of weight
  • You can move on all type of terrains easily
  • You can easily pass from inclines and slopes
  • High quality power and balance stability 
  • Self-balancing technology

Disadvantages of big wheel hoverboard

Here are the flaws of big wheel hoverboard:

  • It may be in high price due to its large features, so it can hard on your budget
  • They are itself heavy weight
  • Fast speed, that is not suitable for kids

These are just a few cons that prevent you from buying the hoverboard for kids. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Are Hoverboards safe for kids?

Yes, Hoverboards are totally safe for your kids if you follow the safety tips.

Is it suitable to drive Hoverboard in wet weather?

Yes, because the internal system is so packed that the water can not enter within the board.

Final Thoughts

So, here is the complete overview of the big wheel hoverboard. We tell you about what hoverboards are best for your kid. Moreover, we also tell you its advantages and disadvantages. Hope we provide you the best and proper information that will solve your queries. In the end Decision is yours.

Best of luck!

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