Best Roller skates for Beginners (Ultimate Guide)

Dou want an amazing, funny and thrilled ride on roller skates? Roller skating is not about just experiencing a ride but it also helps you to maintain and improve your balance on skates. You can easily control your balance if you are using roller skates continuously. But one of the necessary things is which roller skates are best for the beginners. In this blog, we will explore the best roller skates for the beginners, also their features, and proper guide etc.


Factors to keep in mind before buying Roller skates

  • Hardness of wheels
  • Size of wheels
  • Weight
  • Built-in Material

Best Roller Skates

  1. Segway Drift W1 roller skate
  2. MisMart Roller Skates
  3. Meritcase Roller Skates
  4. KooWheel Roller Skates
  5. OULV Roller Skates

Safety Tips


Roller Skates are one of the most enjoyable devices to experience a funny ride. It helps you to maintain and coordinate balance. But for this it is very important to choose the right roller skates especially for beginners. There are many options of roller skates present in the market. The only need is to choose the appropriate roller skate for yourself that helps you to experience a joyful ride. Moreover, roller skates are just not for yourself; they can also be very appropriate for your kids. You can also give it to your kids if you want your child to learn and maintain balance. For your kids you just need to choose one of the best and appropriate roller skates. In this article we will tell you about the best skates for beginners.

Factors to keep in mind before buying Roller Skates

Following are the list of four essential factors that you need to consider before buying the Roller Skates:

  • Hardness of Wheels
  • Size of wheels
  • Weight
  • Built-in Material

Wheels of skates play key role in the movement of skates that’s why we discussed these factors about wheels of skates

Hardness of Wheels

The surface of the wheels must be hard but why is it necessary? The reason behind it is that the wheels move on the road that is rough sometimes. Moreover, wheels play a key role in the movement of skates; they provide proper stability and balance. Wheels with soft surfaces can’t be used on the road or out of the home because they don’t bear the friction that is produced from the roads. Soft wheels can’t provide enough speed to the rider as compared to the hard one. That’s why the hard wheels are more stable and provide a more fun and balanced ride to experienced people. 

But the case of beginners is different, it should be advisable to the beginners to use the skate that has a softer wheel surface because it helps them to maintain their balance eventually.

Size of Wheels

Size of wheels is very important to consider. Some people didn’t focus on the size of wheels while purchasing the roller skates. But this is a very crucial factor to consider. The size of wheels must be according to the skates. The small diameter wheels provide greater speed while the large diameter skates provide slow speed. But the less diameter wheels need more effort to roll the skates while the large diameter wheel requires less effort to roll the skate. The diameter of wheels means the height of the wheels of skates. So, always choose the skates by checking the diameter of the wheels. Choose the diameter wheels according to your desire. If you want a speedy ride then choose small diameter and if not then choose the large diameter wheel skates.


Weight of wheels is also a crucial factor because wheels bear the weight of the body. Always choose the lighter wheel skates because it requires less effort to move as compared to the heavier wheels. Lighter wheels provide a more comfortable, easy and faster ride as compared to heavier ones. So always keep this point in mind while buying the Roller skates. There is a drawback of lighter wheels, that it is not stable enough for racing.

Built-in Material

The material of wheels also matters. The stiffer core material is the most suitable material for the wheels; it provides more stability as well as easy and quicker movement.
Always choose the best wheels with the best built-in Material.

Best Roller Skates

Following are the top 5 best roller skates that have amazing Features as well as very reasonable prices:

Segway Drift W1 Roller Skate

The Segway Drift W1 Roller Skates is one the most wonderful hover shoes because of their elegant features, style, look and compatibility. These shoes are portable in nature. It offers 12 miles per hour distance cover in just 40 minutes that makes it more elegant. Its weight is about 7.7 pounds but it can handle 220 lbs of weight of the human body. It’s the top choice for both grown-ups and children. They are present in the shape of triangles that enable the rider to put foot in the shoes and roar on the path.
It has an availability of sensors that enables you to detect your speed while riding. They have extraordinary features like non-slip foot pads, battery monitor to protect overheating and long lasting battery etc.


Below are the pros of Segway Drift W1 Roller Skates:

  • It has certificate of US laboratories (UL)
  • Availability of LED lights that visible you at night
  • Self-balanced
  • These roller skates are waterproof


  • Over heating

Reason to like it:

It is safe and built with elegant features. Moreover, Segway is a reputable company and always makes its existence in selling Hoverboards as well as skates.

MixMart Roller Skates

MixMart Roller Skates are one of the smallest skates that have the same features as other skates. The motor in it required 250 watts to run. Riders can cover 8 km distance with the speed of 12 km on it. They are lightweight, and waterproof. Moreover, due to their small size you can carry them in a bag. 


Below are the pros of MixMart Roller Skates:

  • Safe because of UL Certificate
  • Easy to carry due to its lightweight
  • Availability of LED lights


  • Overheating

Meritcase Roller Skates

Meritcase Roller Skates are introduced in 2018. They build with high quality material with the most advantageous features such as speed of 12-13 km, high quality 250 watt motor, certificate of FC, CE and UL, comfortable, less expensive than other high quality build skates, 7 Fast charge batteries, non-slip footpads and handle weight of 222 lbs of Human body.


List are the pros of Meritcase Roller Skates:

  • Properly Safe (UL Certificate)
  • They are waterproof
  • Airline approved


  • Overheat if use for Continuous long term

KooWheel Roller Skates

KooWheel Roller Skates are great for skating both indoors and outdoors. It has elegant features within reasonable price like presence of 250 watts motor, speed of 13 km, waterproof, properly safe and non slip foot pads etc.
KooWheel Roller Skates are comfortable Roller Skates. Moreover, they are present with LED lights, dual foot pads and a fast battery system that can easily charge in 2 hours.


Below are the pros of KooWheel Roller Skates:

  • Safe
  • Build-in with LED lights
  • Self-balanced
  • Waterproof


  • Overheat issue

OULV Roller Skates

OULV Roller Skates are the best choice for the beginners. You can rock them both in and outdoors. They are easy and convenient to use. They are one of the most powerful shoes as well as small. The total weight of the pair of skates is 5.6 kg that is easy to carry.
Both adults and kids can rock on it.


Here are the pros of OULV Roller Skates:

  • It has powerful Motor
  • Safe
  • It can easily cover 8 km per hour


  • Limited variety of colors

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips while skating:

  • Always wear safety gears like helmet, knee and foot pads etc
  • Practice in skate graden before skating on road
  • Avoid rash speed
  • Avoid rash riding at night.


Following are the questions that are asked by audience:

Which is the appropriate size of Roller Skates to buy?

Always choose the Skateboards that are used for both in and outdoors. Moreover, always buy the shoe size larger than your foot, approximately 1 – 1.5 inch. It helps you to make space for socks and also prevents swelling.

What is the way to lace the skate shoes? 

Start with the loose side of the lace, put forward and upward the lace and tie it tightly but keep it loose from your ankle side. It helps you to prevent swelling. Make a sung bow to open or tie it and in the end knot twice the lace to prevent reopening.


Roller skating allows you to experience a thrilling and funny ride. But it is also important before you ride to choose the best roller skates for yourself. Above described roller skates are top 5 skates that help you to rock both indoor and outdoor. We discussed the factors that are necessary to consider before buying a roller Skates. Moreover, safety tips while riding are also very important. We are highly concerned with your safety. That’s why we provide you safety tips that you must follow while riding. Hope we give you enough information about the skates that help to answer your queries.

Best of luck for your future ventures! 

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