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Hoverboard is a very Charming ride nowadays. People are widely adopting Hoverboard as a transport. Are you also a fan of Hoverboard riding? If yes then you must know about the safety precautions while riding. It is ok to be excited for a great ride but one should know about the safety while riding. One of the most important safety accessories is a good quality helmet that protects  your head from injury in the case of an accident. In this short and comprehensive blog we will tell you about the best Helmet that you should wear while riding to protect your head from any injury.


Introduction: Importance of Hoverboard

  • Triple eight sweatsaver helmet

CPSC-Certified Pro-tec original helmet

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Triple eight brainsaver Helmet

  • Bell segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Pro-tec original Full cut Helmet

Razor V-17 child Multi-Sport Helmet for kids

Classically design Hoverboard Helmets

Final Thoughts

Introduction: Importance of Hoverboard

Accidents can happen anywhere with anyone. Although riding on Hoverboard is very skillful and balancing work. You can fall from it if you lose your balance. It is very important to protect yourself from any accident. You must measure precautions before riding. Riders should wear helmets before riding on hoverboards. If you wear the helmet while riding a hoverboard, it protects you from head injury. 

Triple eight sweatsaver helmet

Triple eight sweatsaver helmet is one of the best hoverboards for head safety that has certified safety standards. It is the best safety helmet for skating, hovering and other driving etc. Some people are not so conscious about their safety and it is a very dangerous thing because safety precautions are necessary while hovering. Your head is a very delicate and sensitive part of your body. One should save it from serious injuries. For this it is necessary to wear a high quality helmet. A hoverboard Helmet is a necessary thing before enjoying a ride.

CPSC certified Pro-tec original helmet

Pro-tec original helmet is one of the most demanded products of Pro-tec. It provides proper head safety in the case of an accident because of its high quality build material. The inner side of the helmet consists of an ABC form that protects your head from sudden shock. This helmet is approved by a safety organization called the consumer product safety commission CPSC. It is an authority that ensures the safety of products and claims that the product is safe for consumer use. It uses lined EPS forms because of CPSC certification. 

Pros of Pro-tec original helmet

Following are the pros of Pro-tec original helmet:

  • It is durable
  • It is lightweight Helmet
  • It is comfortable to wear


It has no disadvantages

Triple eight brainsaver Helmet

It is the best Helmet in the top list of best protects your brain properly without a single injury in the case of an accident. It is different from other helmets because it has a line of rubber material that is very flexible and protective. It can be used for every type of driving like skating, scooting, hovering and riding bikes etc. In short it is the most protective helmet in the list of helmets. It is very durable and lightweight. Moreover it allows the air ventilation to avoid suffocation while riding. The inner lining of it absorbs the sweats and the small holes are passing continuous air. It has antibiotic technology that reduces the attack of bacterias. There is a Terry cloth in the helmet that forgets the chance of itching if you wear it for a long ride. In short it is the best Helmet that uses over low speed and protects you from heat exposure.


Following are advantages of Brainsaver Rubber Helmet:

  • It is lightweight to carry
  • It is very comfortable to wear
  • It protects you from heat


It has only one disadvantage:

  • It is not much durable

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

The bell segment Multi-Sport Helmet is built by the bell manufacturing company that are famous for making classy and high quality helmets for hoverboards, bikes, skating, and others. It is a very classy helmet that has a simple design. Its simplicity is much more graceful due to its head protection ability. It is very strong and built in the shape of an inverted bowl that has hard plastic on it. The plastic that is used in it is called ABC hard plastic.

It has various form pads that are attached to the inside of Helmet. It has a standard size. You can adjust it according to your head size with the help of nylon straps. 


Following are it’s pros:

  • It is easy to adjust on your head with the help of belt
  • It has a ventilation feature
  • It is comfortable
  • It is durable


It is very simple in style

Pro-tec original Full cut Helmet

It is a 70s style helmet and versatile in nature. You can use it not just for Hoverboard but also for sports and other riding transports. It is very comfortable to wear. Pro-tec original Full cut Helmet has durability and built with the stainless steel material that can make it more comfortable, attractive, and easy to wear. It has limited styles but it is built with proper CPSC advised safety measures. If you are a fan of the 70s era then you must try it once.


Following are the pros of Pro-tec original Full cut Helmet:

  • It is versatile in nature
  • It is the upgrade version of 70s style Hoverboard


It has no cons.

Razor V-17 child Multi-Sport Helmet

The Razor V-17 child Multi-Sport Helmet is among the top choices for kids’ helmets. Beside other helmets, the razor 17 child helmet is built in a manner that it ensures the ventilation of air while riding. It is very comfortable for kids to wear because of its adjustable feature. It can adjust on the head according to the size of the kids with the help of buckles. Buckels also easily open when kids want to release from it. It has amazing designs to attract kids and also build with very high quality material.


It has following pros:

  • Straps are easily adjusted
  • It has cross ventilation feature
  • It is lightweight to carry


It can only be used for kids. It has no variety for adults and others.

Classy Hoverboard Helmet

After safety the thing that is most important is the budget. You always purchase the product that is safe and in your budget. So, we introduced the classy Hoverboard Helmet by critical cycling. It is an amazing helmet within your budget. It has a ventilation system that you can wear easily for a long time with no itching problem. It is comfortable and easy to wear. It has the only drawback that it is not available in a variety of colors. But overall it is a very adorable and safe helmet you can wear for multiple hours without the complaint of sweat smell. It is a great package under your budget with great safety measures. You can purchase it if you are not color conscious. It is advisable not to ignore this wonderful package. 

It has less price than other helmets but it also has less variety in design and color. Moreover, critical cycling is a reputable brand because it has the US and CPSC certificate that ensures its safety. It has proper safety features like other helmets.


Now we discuss about the pros of class Hoverboard Helmet:

  • It has low cost
  • It is certified by US and as well as CPSC certificate that ensure safety standards
  • It has quality of EPS forms that can bear heavy hits
  • It has air ventilation system because of 11 vents present on it
  • It has extra pads that are used for adjustment and fitting


Following are the cons of it:

  • It has limited color variety
  • It has few designs
  • It is heavyweight that is difficult to wear

Final Thoughts

So, above are the best hoverboard helmets. All these helmets are built with very high quality material as well as with proper safety measures. If you have a hoverboard and you enjoy riding on it then you must purchase a helmet for yourself that you can wear while riding. Never forget to wear a helmet because safety is not the thing that is compromised. One should never compromise on safety because if you ignore your safety wears while riding on a hoverboard then it is very dangerous because accidents can happen anytime with anyone. The above described helmets are the top Best helmets you can choose the brand that suit you and your budget. But make sure to purchase a helmet because life is very precious. And safety is the first priority of every living thing. So, never forget safety precautions no matter where you are. Hope, we provide you the best and correct information about the best helmets. If you want more informative blogs then keep in touch with us.

Stay safe, stay alive!

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