How to choose your First Hoverboard (Hoverboard Buying Guide)

Do you want to enjoy the ride on your own transport that is funny and adorable? Hoverboards offer a great experience of riding to the rider and enable them to explore new ride ideas as well as wander on the streets, roads, parks etc. But the question is which is the right Hoverboard to choose for the first ride? There are many varieties of hoverboards available in the market. Each of them are amazing from one another. It is very important to know what things are necessary when buying a hoverboard. In this Blog we will tell you the factors, features of Hoverboard and tips that help you to make a good buying decision.



Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard

Safety: UL Certificate of Hoverboard

Determine the Specifications of Hoverboards

  • Life of Battery as well as Charging time taken by Hoverboard 
  • Weight of hoverboard itself and its load Capacity
  • Type and size of Wheels
  • Motor
  • Speed

Stability and control of Hoverboard

  • Balancing Technology
  • Steering and Movements

Durability and Quality

  • Building material
  • Water and Dust Resistance

Features of Hoverboard

  • LED lights
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • Apps
  • Portable

Under Budget Hoverboard

Read Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs



Hoverboards are an excellent invention of science. These self-balancing scooters are also called electric scooters. Hoverboards enable riders to glide freely with great speed. You can not only use it just for the riding purpose but also for the work use you can go on your work, school and anywhere else by road on your hoverboard. It is very difficult to choose the Hoverboard according to your requirements and also within your budget. You should always choose the hoverboard that has amazing features and also in your budget.

Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard

The Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard is a very reliable means of transport. It offers you to ride with 7 mph speed per hour out to 4 miles. It has different driving modes so that the rider can easily choose it according to his skills. Moreover, it has a Bluetooth connection speaker. 


Following are the features of hover-1 helix electric Hoverboard that make it adorable:

  • Maximum speed of 7mph
  • Weight of 160 lbs
  • Having LED lights
  • Maximum distance of 3
  • 6.5 inch size of wheels

Safety: UL Certificate of Hoverboard

Safety is always the first priority of everyone. No one compromises on his safety because nothing is worthy  than safety. Before purchasing a hoverboard, you must check the UL Certificate to ensure the safety because this certificate is the verification that the device is not made of harmful material such as fire etc. It ensures that the Hoverboard electric system is made of protective things.

So always check the UL Certificate like UL2272 because it varies the safety.

Determine The specifications of Hoverboard

Before purchasing the board, it is highly important to determine the Specification of Hoverboard and it helps you to make a good decision about purchase of hoverboard. Following are the specifications that one should determine before purchase:

Life of Battery as well as Charging time taken by the Hoverboard 

Battery timing is one of the most important features. It determines how much distance is covered by the Hoverboard just in single charge. Because if the battery life is not so good you can’t ride for long distances on your Hoverboard that is too frustrating. Moreover, it is also noticeable how much time is required to fully charge the Hoverboard because if it is charged for a long time it is also disturbing because you have to wait for the fully charged of your hoverboard that causes delay in your riding. Mostly maximum 4 hours are the actual time required to fully charge a hoverboard. So,always check the better timing and the charging time required to charge the Hoverboard and always purchase the model that has increased battery life and it also takes less time to fully charge.

Weight of Hoverboard itself and its capacity

Weight of the hoverboard is also important because the large weight of Hoverboard causes disturbance when carrying it in the home. And each Hoverboard model has its unique weight limit. Always check the weight capacity of Hoverboard whether it is able to bear your weight or not. Because if the weight capacity doesn’t match with your weight it can affect the performance of the board.

Type and Size of wheels

The size and type of wheel affects the ride experience. Hoverboards that have larger wheels provide more stability than smaller ones. Moreover, larger wheels are more stable while riding. Larger wheels are able to pass tough surfaces more easily as compared to the smaller ones. That’s why it is advisable always to choose the hoverboard with larger wheels to make a comfortable ride.

Motor Type

Motor type always matters in the Hoverboard. Dual motors always offer a great experience as compared to a single one. Moreover it is also important how much power is required to start the motor. The power supply affects the Speed of the board. That’s why it is advisable to choose the motor that requires less power to work.


Always purchase the Hoverboard that gives enough speed per hour. Good Speed offers a more funny and comfortable ride. Moreover, you can easily reach your destination as soon as possible.

Stability and control of Hoverboard

Stability and control is a very important factor for beginners. Following factors should be notified before purchasing the board:

Balancing Technology

Balancing Technology is a very crucial factor because it controls the stability of the board while riding. Advanced technological boards have various sensors and accelerators that work according to your movements. So always purchase a hoverboard that relies on the principle of balancing Technology to ensure the stability of your ride because it makes your ride more smooth and comfortable.

Steering and Movements

Determine the capabilities of steering and Movements because it helps you to evaluate how easily you can pass from obstacles and rough surfaces. It is advisable to engage with Hoverboard that is smooth for control and stability.

Durability and Quality

A durable and good quality hoverboard is always best in performance. Following are the aspects to purchase hoverboard:

Building Material

Aluminum and sturdy plastic is more durable and stable material to build a good hoverboard. It is also very high quality material so always ensure the quality of material used in built in Hoverboard before buying it.

Water and Dust Resistance

Always buy a hoverboard that has protective resistance from dust and water. It helps to protect the internal system of Hoverboard that maintains its performance.

Additional Features of Hoverboard

Following are the features that must prest in good Hoverboard:

Led lights

LED lights are a very useful feature because it allows the rider to be visible in the low light areas and even at night. It protects you from accidents by making you visible at night to other people.

Bluetooth connectivity 

Bluetooth connectivity is an amazing feature because it enables the rider to enjoy his favorite music while riding.


Some advanced Hoverboards have features of apps like mobile l. It enables the rider to control the board remotely, customize settings,  riding track etc. So try to purchase the model that offers this type of feature to experience a more fun ride.


Portable handle is one of the good features; it helps you to maintain balance while riding. So,if you want a portable handle then you must check the model that has this feature.

Under Budget Hoverboard

Different ranges of prices are available in the Hoverboard. If you want the cheapest hoverboard then thing in mind that it is not suitable to compromise on quality and safety. Always choose the hoverboard with enough features, stability, good performance and especially safety. These types of features are always demanded at a high price

Read Reviews

Before taking the decision of purchasing the model, must read the reviews of the audience because the audience experienced such things and then comment on the product. It helps you choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Speed of Hoverboard?

The Speed of the board always depends on the model of Hoverboard. But the actual speed of a hoverboard is 6-10 miles per hour.

How much is the battery timing of hoverboard?

Battery time varies in different models but the actual timing is 4 hours depending on different factors like speed, weight, path etc.

Are Hoverboards suitable for kids?

Yes in some cases it is suitable but it is advisable to check the weight and age of the kid before riding because it is important that the kid is able to handle the board or balance on it or not.


Selection of your first Hoverboard in the large variety is very difficult because there are very good boards present in the market. One thing always remember is never compromise on the quality and safety before purchasing. Because quality and safety gives you stability and protection. In this blog we explore different factors that are noticeable while purchasing so if you are thinking of purchasing a hoverboard then you must read our article. Hope we provide you with the best information. Stay in touch with us for more informative articles.

Good Luck!

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