Levitating Hoverboard: The Future of Personal Transportation

Levitating Hoverboard: The Future of Personal Transportation

You hear about many hoverboards that have amazing features but what if you are riding on an air hoverboard that moves in air instead of ground. Of Course it is very interesting to listen to a ride in the air without any airplane or helicopter. Recently science introduced the gravity free hoverboard called levitating hoverboard. Today we will tell you an amazing invention of science that makes you happy. If you want more about it then do not skip this article.


The Logic of Levitating Hoverboard
Levitating hoverboard

  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Batteries
  • Light weight
  • Hover above ground

Mechanics of Levitating Hoverboard:

  • Board for Stand Desk by Gaiam
  • Attempts to made Levitation Hoverboard

Grounded Impact
Value of Levitation Hoverboard?
Movement of Levitation Hoverboard?
Can the Battery of Levitation Hoverboard Replace?
Goals of Levitating Hoverboard:

  • Range
  • Guidance
  • Capability of forward
  • Slow Down
  • Reusability
  • Performance

Purpose and Use
Used by


Future is always uncertain. But there are some predictions that make something valuable in the future . It does not mean that all predictions are right; these are just symptoms that predict something of value.Importance of Levitating hoverboards are also predictions. Hoverboards are used as a means of transportation. It is very fascinating and delightful to use a levitating hoverboard as a means of transportation in the future. Science is making this hoverboard more compatible than other hoverboards. In this article we explore the future of transportation that is levitating hoverboards. We also tell you about its features, its adaptation, logic behind it and its consequences. So, don’t miss this information.

The Logic of Levitating Hoverboard

Magnetic Levitation is the principle on which levitating hoverboards rely. It is also called maglev. This technology is used to counteract the gravity force with the help of magnets, these magnets allow hoverboards to hover above ground easily and effectively. With the opposing magnet poles hoverboard easily hovers above ground and very smoothly on any type of surface.
This is the science most recent and best technological invention. Science is wandering people every day. This hoverboard is no doubt ofcourse a wonderful creation of science. It is just an imaginary thing for the past people but science has done it as its always a reality. Science has a great influence on the era of every generation. The reason behind that is the logical factual and tested nature of their invention. These flying skateboards are also a very logical invention of it.

Levitating Hoverboard

Levitating hoverboards are more fashionable, reliable and conventional than other hoverboards. They are more expensive as compared to other conventional hoverboards.
Lexus has introduced a hoverboard that works with the help of a stake park. Hoverboard is totally packed with motors that put in cold helium with a temperature of -197 degree kelvin that allow the hoverboard to easily pass from the path of the floor of the park.
In the 19th century it was claimed that hoverboards were made but not introduced to the general public because school boards were not in the right to use flying skateboards to children. There must be truth in these rumors because hoverboards are not the recently invented device.
Science invented simple hoverboards first then gradually progressed and entered in the era of advancement to invent levitating hoverboards. No doubt that these flying skateboards are one of the most successful inventions of science in the field of hoverboards. They become popular due to their ability to ride above the ground with the help of contemporary technology batteries.
Like other inventions of science it will become a most popular technology in future and also rapidly adopted by people in just a few days.


Following are the features of levitating hoverboard:

  • Cost Effective
  • Efficient
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Light Weight
  • Hovering above ground

Cost Effective

These Hoverboards are not as expensive as comparable to of their heavy Features.


They are very efficient in their performance as compared to other hoverboards.


Levitating hoverboard has a rechargeable battery.

Light Weight

These hoverboards are very light weight. You can easily carry them anywhere.

Hovering above Ground

It has the capability of hovering above ground due to magnetic fields against gravity.


Board for Stand Desk by Gaiam

Quantum theory and electromagnetism are exploited by the work of Levitating hoverboards. This begins from the evaluation of polymers that are non resistance and strongly emits ferromagnetic fields. It has supercapacitors that are the most attractive part for the researcher. The reason for this is that the earth magnetic field is emitted by the supercapacitors  when the magnets come in to interact with supercapacitors. These magnetic fields are so powerful that no one can break these fields and then the superconductor easily flies the hoverboard above the ground in air.

Attempts to formation of Levitating Hoverboard

Several attempts are done to maintain and make these levitating hoverboards. It is necessary because whenever science invent something it passes by various attempts until it proves the theory.

Grounded Impact

Manufactures try very hard to build this hoverboard. They made many attempts to succeed with this invention. They use many things like “aerostat vehicles” but none of them worked to build inventions as compared to science fiction films. Approximately at the height of 30cm the battery provides maximum power to hover in air for 6 minutes. There are 36 blades that are driven by the 36 engines that are electrically built.
So, this is how the manufactures work hard for it.

Magnetics Hoverboard

The hoverboards that are hovering due to magnetic fields are called magnetics hoverboards but they are not able to bear weight. Although the levitating board has a magnetic and laser system. Laser System is for balance stability and magnetic field is for levitation. It also has electro-hydraulic wheel technology. It requires non-ferromagnetic metallic coating to function like copper and Aluminium (Al). It carries about 140 kilogram weight while floating over the ground. It has four  terminals that are able to provide force and spin the board when used to control it. 

Value of Levitation Hoverboard?

Kickstarter, sold its few boards at a cost of $10000 for each model. It is more expensive than other hoverboards because of its valuable and non comparable system. Once it is adopted locally then it is possible to reduce its price according to demand.

Movement of Levitating Hoverboard

It has an integrated motor unit that makes it move independently in air ,for more than 10 minutes. The company claims that it can move 93 miles within an hour and reach a height of about 10000 feets per hour.

Can the Battery of the Levitating Hoverboard be replaced?

Yes you can replace the battery but for this purpose you have to remove the bottom portion which is connected to the framework with six screws then replace the battery with new one and attach the screws and connect the bottom portion again with the framework.


Following are the goals of Levitating Hoverboard:


  1. It has the guiding capability


  1. It offers wide range of balance user weight

Forwarding Capability

  1. It has the capability of being forward propelled 

Slow Down

  1. It has the capacity of slow down


  1. It can reuse


  1. It has the long term performing ability

Purpose and Use


It has the purpose of controlled short distance means of transport. The air is the medium of levitation.

Used By

There are no age limits for their use. Anyone can use it if he is able to maintain balance on it but it is advisable to avoid riding on it to childrens that are not able to maintain balance because if they got serious injury. Although it is the most advanced technology that is adopted quickly in foreign. 


Levitating hoverboards are easily accepted if they are not so expensive, more practical and safe for use.


  1. Levitating hoverboards are not so suitable for everyone and every place.
  2. It is very important to the proper attachment of all parts of it
  3. The board must able to handle the weight, when the force put on it
  4. Air cushions made extreme noise when they are in contact of ground
  5. Wireless levitating hoverboards are very expensive


Research proves that using Levitating Hoverboard maintains balance. These hoverboards are good inventions of electric mechanics. It improves the stability of being able to ride on a hoverboard easily and effectively. One should work on the reduction of any mishappening that can happen during the ride. In the future, it is the topic of more debate. Science must prove it with more references and supported experiments. Although it is the broad application that has more acceptance world wide. Different samples are available in labs that are used to check its eligibility and efficiency. Hope this article provides you with much information about this wonderful invention. To get the latest news, keep in contact with us.

Best of Luck for your Future Ventures.

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