Top 6 Amazing Hoverboard tricks (You Must Know)

Top 6 Amazing Hoverboard tricks (You Must Know)

As we know, the use of hoverboards is increasing day to day. One should know about the tricks of hoverboard. In this article we are here to tell you 6 awesome tricks of using a hoverboard. If you have a hoverboard then don’t skip this article. We will try to resolve all your queries about the hovering tricks. Moreover, we will explain to you how you can perform these tricks. We also give you safety tips that can protect you from accidents. These tricks will enhance your skills as well as stunt abilities. One can impress his friends and family by doing these hovering tricks.


6 Awesome hoverboard Tricks:

  • The Spin Trick:
  1. Sitting  Spin Trick
  2. One foot Circle trick
  • Turn Style Trick
  • Swirl style Trick
  • Handstand Hoverboard

Safety Tips for Hoverboard Users:

  • Safety wears
  • Practice
  • Gradually Learn Tricks
  • Avoid Harmful tricks
  • Inspection
  • Taking breaks

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it suitable to perform hoverboard tricks on any surface?
  • Do beginners perform hoverboard tricks?

Crux/ Final words


Do you want to impress your friends with your hoverboard tricks? Give a glance on this article because we are here to explore amazing tricks of hoverboards that’s not only makes you expert in riding but also helps you to impress your friends and others surronding. People of all ages rapidly adopted hoverboards as means of transport. So, with their increase one should also know about their tricks that help riders to experience the best ride. One should know the do’s and don’ts. Riding on hoverboards is very interesting and if the rider knows about the tricks then it becomes more joyful and interesting.

6 Awesome Tricks Of Hoverboards

Hoverboard tricks are the set of stunts and activities that riders can perform on hoverboards. These tricks enhance the boundaries and reduce the limitation of hoverboard riding. These tricks can enhance the hovering experience as well as the body balance. When creativity, skill and balance combine then it creates a stunning and different style. 

Following are the 6 amazing hoverboard tricks that are described in detail later in article:

  • The spin trick
  • Turn style trick
  • Swirl style trick
  • Handstand hoverboards

The Spin Trick:

The spin trick is one of the most amazing hovering tricks that can make a rider. The spin trick is not as difficult as it seems from far. Once you start practicing then you can become an expert gradually.

In the spin trick you just have to control your hoverboard with your ankles without shivering. The next step is to spin your ankles in which direction you want by putting pressure on your ankles. Once you turned you already achieved the spin trick. If you also want to do spin tricks then you must read this article. 

Following are the two types of spin trick:

  1. Sitting Spin Trick
  2. One Foot Spin

Sitting Spin Trick

If you want to show your extraordinary talent then the sitting spin trick is the best choice.
You just have to follow the following steps to achieve this trick:
Step 1: Sit in squat position on your hoverboard
Step 2: put your right hand on bumper
Step 3:Keep your right foot free in air and then hold it in your left hand
Step 4:Your left foot is totally free to prevent any type of inaccurate and sudden incident
You can control your left foot.
Congrats you successfully achieved the sitting spin trick.

One Foot Circle Trick

You can easily do the one foot circle trick by just putting your right foot on the left side and putting your left foot on the bumper. Spin a little bit by balancing yourself. Now don’t wait because you are successfully doing the one foot circle trick. Now you just have to do one thing and that is enjoy the ride. 

Turn Style Trick

The Turn Style trick is not a simple trick. Keep in mind that it is a proper stunt. Never try it alone without the assistance of anyone because it is very tricky. One who perfectly did it, really a champion. To achieve this trick you have to stand straight on a hoverboard, bend your knees and then twist your hoverboard and jump on it. Now, perform these steps simultaneously with great care because you can also fall from a hoverboard

If you successfully land on a hoverboard after jumping then congrats to you because you successfully did it.

Note: Don’t try without the assistance of someone. It may be dangerous.

Swirl Style Trick

Put your knees on the hoverboard and straight your feets toward the floor. Then put your feet in the air gradually. After that twist and spin around by managing pressure on your knees. Keep in mind that it is the most difficult trick and you need hard and regular practice to commit this trick. Never try it on busy roads without practicing. Always keep the assistance of some expert before trying it. I personally called it Aladdin’s Carpet Trick.

Handstand Hovering

Handstand hovering is the most difficult trick of hovering. One can not successfully commit it just in one chance. Riders must properly take assistance from some expert and also do it with great care. You should wear safety gear such as helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloveset c before doing handstanding hovering. Because it can cause serious injuries if you fall it is advisable don’t try it in a public and heavy traffic road. Put your hand on the hoverboard, lift yourself and then just in one jerk, lift your whole body without losing your body balance.

These are the top 6 hovering tricks that make your ride more fantastic.

Safety Tips for Hoverboard Users

Besides the learning of hovering tricks one should follow the safety rules because safety is the first priority of everyone. Moreover, not only for rider safety tips is also necessary for others to whom the rider is hovering.

Following are the tips that one should following during tricks on hoverboards:

  • Safety wears
  • Practice
  • Gradually learn tricks
  • Avoid using harmful tricks
  • Inspection
  • Taking breaks

Safety Wears

Riders must wear safety wear such as knee and elbow pads, helmet, gloves before riding on hoverboard. Safety wears shall protect you from serious injuries in case you fall from a hoverboard.


Never try to commit a trick without practicing. Always practice hovering tricks in a safe and open place unless you are not able to maintain balance during tricks.

Gradually Learn Tricks

Never try all the tricks simultaneously. Gradually learn different tricks unless you are not comfortable using them on roads.

 Avoid Harmful Tricks

Never try to commit those tricks that put you in danger. Always see your comfort first and never try those things that are beyond your limits, abilities, and skills.


Properly inspect your hoverboard to avoid any unwanted happenings. Always check the battery, wheels, and other important things of a hoverboard.

Taking Breaks

Always keep a water bottle with you to prevent dehydration while riding. Moreover, always take short breaks to relax because continuous riding causes fatigue.

So, these are the safety tips for hoverboard riding.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Following are the questions that frequently asked by audience:

 Is it suitable to perform hoverboard tricks on any surface?

It is not advisable to run a hoverboard on rough surfaces to avoid accidents. Always try to ride a hoverboard on smooth and plane surfaces.

 Do beginners perform hoverboard tricks?

It is advisable to start with simple tricks because some tricks are tricky that everyone cant achieve, especially beginners. Always try easy and simple tricks and then gradually move towards tricky ones.


Although hovering tricks are very tricky, once you get practicing then you gradually progress to commit these tricks you just need to concentrate. Always take assistance from some experts to do tricky stunts. Hope this article gives you a lot of information about the hivering tricks. We are always here to explore information of new things that help you in your life.

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