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10 How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost 2020 – [ Buyer’s Guide ]

How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost 2020 – Hoverboard! Some of us might be asking ourselves – what is Hoverboard? If we already know the answer, the next question might be – what does hoverboard cost? In this article, I will be glad to tell you what is Hoverboard, at what cost can you get one for yourself and various models of hoverboard you can purchase.

How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost 2020

It will interest you to know that Hoverboard is like a skateboard without any wheel, it uses magnetism for suspension instead of wheels. This fictional levitation board is used for transportation similar to a skateboard but the difference is that Hoverboard moves without any wheel and it’s a self-levitating board. Conclusively, because Hoverboard comes with some kind of two-wheeled scooters, it is also called self-balancing scooters.

Now, you can see in your mind eyes what is Hoverboard based on my explanation. If you have watched the film series Back to Future where Hoverboard gained its first appearance and public attention. However, it has existed far back in 1967 but people were scared to use it because there was a public warning that it is risky which cause people to lose interest in it due to the rumour. Recently, as firms such as Back to Future and so on started popularising it and many actors began to use it, people began losing fear in it and began gaining interest and love for it. I tell you, it is really fun and safe to use Hoverboard for transportation just as we use a skateboard.

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As a result of the public interest for Hoverboard, the demand for it has increased exceedingly within a short timeframe. People are now asking for this price and where they can get it.


The price of Hoverboard slightly cost from as little as $300 as it scares to find it commercially.

Cost for popular models:

IO Hawk – $499.99

Swagtron T1 – $349.99

Powerboard – $369.99

Razor Hovertrax – $398.00

Where to buy it?

You will be able to purchase a hoverboard from large and well known international online markets such as Amazon, Jet, Walmart and many others. You will be able to buy from authorized sellers and it will be delivered to your preferred destination.

In conclusion, kindly share your experience when you have finally purchased one for yourself and I hope you had a good read.

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